Group & Corporate Outing

Experience the most fun day out!

Would you like to experience an unforgettable group outing or company outing with your colleagues, family, association or friends? Then Terhills Cablepark is the place to be! The unique and versatile location for a fun team building, an exciting company outing or a great family day.

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These packages are available for group or corporate outings of more than 25 people.

Experience water skiing, wakeboarding and the aqua park all in one day.


from €44.90
  • Aquapark & water skiing/wakeboarding
  • Beverage redemption optional
Experience group water skiing, wakeboarding or the aqua park with a barbecue.

Grill & Thrill

from €34.90
  • Aquapark and/or water skiing/wakeboarding
  • Barbecue buffet
  • Beverage redemption optional
Combine a group water skiing, wakeboarding or aqua park outing with supping.

Mix & Match

from €34.90
  • Aquapark and/or water skiing/wakeboarding
  • Additional activity possible: supping
  • Optional barbecue buffet, lunch, French fries or pizza package
  • Beverage redemption optional
Customized program for your group outing with a choice of water skiing, wakeboarding and the aqua park and more.

Custom Adventure

price on request
  • Something else in mind that doesn't fit within the standard options?
  • Contact us so we can think with you and create a customized program!

Discover our customized program, where you can choose from exciting activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, the aqua park and more activities. Contact us and tell us your ideas! We would love to think with you.

Who can make reservations through the online booking system?

All groups who would like to experience one activity without using a catering package can easily book through our online booking system.

This way you can quickly and easily choose your desired activity, day and time.
Click on the ''Book Now'' button below and you can easily confirm your activity in a few steps.