General conditions

Terhills Cablepark Subscriber Terms and Conditions.

Members may use the cablepark within its opening hours upon payment of the applicable subscription fee at the following conditions:

  1. Subscription is personal and non-transferable.
  2. Members create a user account on the Terhills Cablepark booking website and use it to make reservations
  3. On each visit, the season ticket holder reports to the Terhills Cablepark reception desk. Here he/she receives a colored band that indicates the validity the subscription.
  4. To participate in the obstacles, experience is required and the wakeboarder/water skier must be familiar with the regulations of Terhills Cablepark. The season ticket holder has read and signed the Own Risk Statement and is in possession of an approved helmet and a proper wakeboard.
  5. The speed of the track will be run at 30 km/hour. The introductory sessions (á 25 km/hour) are not bookable for season ticket holders.
  6. For equipment rentals, Terhills Cablepark's normal rates apply.
  7. In the months of April, May, June, September, October, the season ticket holder can have unlimited use of the Cablepark (as far as crowds allow).
  8. In the months of July and August, the season ticket holder can use the cable park on Monday through Friday during the entire opening hours. On Saturday and Sunday this is possible from 17:00
  9. Reservation of the start time is mandatory (a maximum of 1 start time per day is reserved, if capacity allows, the subscription holder can use the cable park longer). A maximum of 20 season ticket holders will be reserved per start time to accommodate other guests.
  10. If the cable park is rented for an event or group, operator may refuse subscription holders.
  11. If during the season the season ticket holder no longer wants/can use the season ticket for any reason (disability, moving, etc.) no money will be refunded.
  12. Subscription holders must adhere to Terhills Cablepark's house rules.




Terhills Cablepark User Rules.

  1. Participant must register for use of the water ski track at the front desk under payment of the applicable fee. Prior notice must be given of how long one wishes to use the lane.
  2. The participant is aware, that operator may decide to close or keep the water ski slope closed earlier due to weather conditions or other factors.
  3. Participant will receive a bracelet for each session, indicating the time until which they can use the cable park. It is forbidden to transfer the bracelet to third parties.
  4. Participant undertakes to make proper use of the materials provided. User must manage them carefully and return them in the same condition after use.
  5. If the participant wishes to use rental equipment at the applicable rate, proof of identity will also be provided for safekeeping. This will be returned when the rental equipment is returned on time and in the same condition. If time is exceeded, the operator will determine how much additional payment is required. If rental equipment is damaged during the rental period, the renter will reimburse the damage or purchase the rental equipment at a reasonable price.
  6. Users of the cable park declare that they are familiar with the safety regulations and undertake to observe their own safety and that of third parties at all times. The regulations are posted at the start and can be requested at the front desk.
  7. Participant is obliged to follow the directions and instructions of the staff.
  8. Use of the cable park is permitted only to persons who are healthy and sufficiently swimmable. Any defects must be reported in advance.
  9. Use of cable park is prohibited after consuming alcoholic beverages and/or mind-altering substances.
  10. Use of the cable park is permitted for persons under 12 years of age only if the minor is accompanied by an adult. At the request of operator, the user must provide identification.
  11. Operator is authorized at all times to deny the participant the use of the cable park and other facilities with immediate effect, if the participant acts in violation of regulations/instructions, or if his own safety or that of third parties is endangered.
  12. Operator is not liable for missing, theft or loss of items of visitors to the water ski slope or damage to its property.




Safety Regulations Terhills Cablepark

  1. User declares to have taken note of the user regulations as posted near the starting place and at the reception and of the theoretical instructions provided to him/her.
  2. User is required to use the life jacket provided or otherwise a proper life jacket. No access to the water ski slope without a life jacket.
  3. User is obliged to manage the life jacket and other items provided with due diligence and to return them in the same condition after use.
  4. User is obliged to take note of the theoretical instructions as posted near the starting place.
  5. Use of the obstacles is allowed only after the participant has received express permission from the operating instructor.
  6. Use of the obstacles is only allowed with a private wakeboard, which is deemed not capable of causing damage to the obstacles.
  7. Use of obstacles is permitted only if a helmet is worn.
  8. The user is not allowed to shorten the water ski line provided.
  9. User is not permitted to place the ski handle between the legs at any time while using the water ski rig.
  10. User is required to sail in every turn between the marker buoys or as close as possible to the marker buoys.
  11. User is not allowed to perform "active tricks" in the area between the end gate marker buoys and the starting point. Read: tricks where the ski / wakeboard is released from the water surface.
  12. User is obliged when leaving the cable park to indicate this by sailing between the end gate/marking buoys and release the ski line here.