Season ticket terms and conditions

For seasonal subscriptions, we will have to set up some conditions:


  1. It is strongly recommended to book in advance using your season ticket. When the cable is fully booked, we have the right to deny season ticket holders access if they have not reserved in advance. Season ticket holders can make a reservation for each day through our online booking system that is valid for that entire day (from start). Please choose the correct part of the day so that we can estimate and take into account the supply to the cable.
  2. If there is abuse due to excessive bookings without showing up then this may result in the season ticket being revoked (without refund).
  3. In July and August, on Saturdays and Sundays it is only possible for season ticket holders to make reservations for the evening part of the day (starting from 17:30). On these days we cannot guarantee access for season ticket holders in the afternoons.
  4. Starting this season, automatic forking will start. Depending on how busy it is, the operator will choose the maximum number of consecutive rounds that will be allowed. We provide in the engine mast a large traffic light that properly indicates when you are at the end of the allowed rounds.
  5. If you want to stop or are at the end of the allowed number of rounds, there is a designated spot where you must let go. In the water there are two buoys next to each other, the idea is to steer through them and release your stick there. Anywhere else will not be released.